What To Look For

Cylinder Identification

Oxyfume® ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilant cylinders come in seven sizes, ranging from 19 to 60 inches in height:

eto sterilization cylinders measurements


Label Information

All Oxyfume cylinders feature tag or sticker labels that are affixed to the top portion of the cylinder. These labels may have Honeywell or the following former brand names on them:

  • AlliedSignal
  • Praxair (Oxyfume 12 only)
  • Union Carbide Industrial Gases (Oxyfume 12 only)
  • Linde (Oxyfume 12 only)

If you suspect that there are Oxyfume cylinders in your facility, contact a hazardous waste disposal firm for disposal information. Former U.S. customers can contact us for cylinder disposal reimbursement programs that may be available.